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Wildfire Safety and Prevention


Wildfire Property Inspections

Please note that Timberline Fire Protection District does not provide mitigation assessments for property owners.  We are unable to assume the associated liability.  With limited staffing we are also unable to provide on site consultation for individual home owners.  We will however meet with home owner groups of 10 or more for information sessions utilizing much of the material listed on this page.


Wildfire Preparedness

Protecting your home from wildfire, A guide published by the Colorado State Forest Service which outlines steps to best prepare your house to survive wildfire.


Ready, Set, Go!!!, Your personal wildfire action plan for Colorado.



Wildfire Response

Gilpin County Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP).  A guideline prepared by emergency services agencies in Gilpin County.


Burning - Boulder County 

Guide to Burning, Citizens guide to burning safety and legally in unincorporated Boulder County.


Boulder County Chipping Program:
2016 BoulderCountyChippingProgramOverview.docx
St Antons and Community Chipping story copy.pdf
2016 BoulderCountyChippingProgramApplicationForm.docx

For more information, application and current burn bans:


Burning - Gilpin County 

Guide To Burning, Slash pile burning guide for Gilpin County.

Slash burning guide Gilpin County.pdf

Burning Regulations, County regulations for burning.


Burn Permit Ordinance, County Ordinance 11-01


Burn Permit Application process:

Please submit a copy of BOTH your approved STATE permit with your local burn permit applicaiton to the Timberline office (303-582-5768, fax: 303-582-3481 or email: Once both permits are received, a Timberline Officer will visit your site and review your burn piles. 

Permits are typically valid mid-fall thru mid-spring, weather dependent. Call for more details. 

Gilpin County Burn Permit:


Colroado State Burn Permit:​