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All Members

As part of this course you are required to register for the online training system.  To register please do the following:


  • Click the REGISTER NOW tab below.  Please only attempt this registration one time

     • In the KeyID field please enter: Timberline.FPD

    • In the Password field please enter: Welcome#1

    • You will then be prompted to create your own unique username and password

    • Begin by entering the requested information, use your full names as listed on the timberline training rosters

    • When you complete this enrollment page you will see a message that confirms your new username and password. This message will also be emailed to you so that you have a copy of it in case you forget

    • The last step is to log in with your new username and password

    • If you return at a later date to start training or to continue a partially completed course, you must log in with your unique username and password. If you use the enrollment key again you will be creating a duplicate account and will have to start your training from the beginning.