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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to the Timberline Fire Protection District (TFPD) 

Serving Boulder and Gilpin Counties, Colorado


Timberline Inclusion Election Results

Election Results 061317.pdf

Chief Ondr.jpg 

June 5, 2017

I would like to thank all who have attended one of Timberline's public forums for Gilpin County residents to discuss the upcoming election on June 13, 2017. We truly appreciate your interest in your community! For those of you who couldn't attend, please review the FAQs and feel free to contact us with any other questions. We want you to be as informed as possible.  

Currently, 3,500 properties in Gilpin County do not have official fire protection services.  The proposed boundaries include all of Gilpin County with the exception of properties that are within the city limits of Black Hawk, Central City, or receive fire protection from Coal Creek Fire.  This means that all property owners in Gilpin County will have formal fire protection and everyone will share in the financial burden of protecting the community.

If the inclusion elections does not pass, those property owners will remain without fire protection, which is why the Gilpin County Commissioners unanimously support it. Again, please review the FAQs for further information, and know that we at Timberline are looking forward to serving all of Gilpin County and we hope to see you at the election!

Thank you,

Paul Ondr, Fire Chief

Timberline Fire Protection District

Timberline Inclusion Election
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When and where can I vote? The election will be held at Timberline Station #3, 660 Highway 46, Black Hawk, CO on June 13, 2017 between the hours of 7AM to 7PM.

  2. Who is eligible to vote? Eligible electors are defined as those persons who are either residents or own property in the area to be included (taxing area 010 and 025), or the spouse or civil union partner of such property owner, and are registered to vote in the State of Colorado. Individual ownership must be listed on the Assessor's property record; company or trust owned properties are not eligible to vote.

  3. Can I request an absentee ballot? Yes! Please see our website: or contact Jennifer at 303-582-5768 to request an Application for absentee ballot. Please send the completed Application to our Designated Election Official as noted on the Application form no later than June 6, 2017. Once approved, a ballot will be mailed to you. The ballot must be returned to Timberline Fire Station #3 no later than 7PM on the day of the election, June 13, 2017.

  4. When will Timberline begin responding to the area to be included? If the election is successful, we anticipate Timberline to begin responding within a few weeks. The District Court's final Order of Inclusion will need to be recorded to become "official". We have begun working with our local response partners to ensure that there is no lapse in service to your area.

  5. Is Timberline ready? Absolutely! We have been working with your County Commissioners and local response partners to review the lists of current equipment and facilities that may be available to us if the election is successful. The Commissioners have recently passed a resolution in favor of the inclusion and have pledged their support moving forward. We are also beginning our training program with our firefighters to provide familiarity with the areas to be included. You will begin seeing Timberline staff and apparatus in your area shortly.

  6. What happens if the election is unsuccessful? Timberline will not have a legal obligation to serve the area.  Discussions will continue with the Gilpin County Commissioners and local agencies shortly thereafter to see if other solutions may exist.

  7. Please see our district website: to review the FAQs for the public hearing that was held in April 2017. Many questions were answered in the original FAQs. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to call District Headquarters, 303-582-5768 or email:​.

May 1, 2017

Greetings!  It seems Spring is slowly approaching, but we are glad to see some moisture as fire season approaches too!  As many of you are aware, Timberline Fire Protection District will be holding an election on June 13, 2017 to give those property owners that are not in a fire district the opportunity to vote to include into the Timberline district. Please see the resolution below by the Gilpin County Commissioners supporting the election and encouraging our residents to vote!  

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at or attend our public meeting on May 15th at Station 3. (660 Hwy 46)

Chief Paul Ondr

Timberline Resolution 4-2017.pdf

April 5, 2017

Gilpin County, 

I would like to thank everyone that ventured out in the snow last night to voice your opinions about the possible inclusion election. The stories, opinions, and emotions were nothing short of flattering and moving. 

The Timberline Board of Directors have unanimously voted and approved a resolution to hold an inclusion election on June 13, 2016 at station 3. Timberline will be holding an informational public meeting on May 15 at 6pm at Station 3 and this will be followed by our regular monthly Board Meeting. 

As always, if you have question or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Timberline at 303-582-5768.

Thank you,
Chief Paul Ondr​



Dear Property Owner:

This is to notify you that the Board of Directors of the Timberline Fire Protection District shall conduct a public hearing on Tuesday, April 4, 2017, at 7:00 p.m., at Fire Station No. 3, 660 Highway 46, Black Hawk, Colorado, for the purposes of considering the adoption of a Resolution Initiating Inclusion Election for the inclusion of additional property within the Timberline Fire Protection District for the provision of fire protection and emergency medical and rescue services, enforcement of fire prevention codes, hazardous materials response, and other emergency services.

The District's current general operating mill levy, which shall be imposed upon the property if the area is included within the District, is 8.342 mills.  Under Colorado law, the general operating mill levy cannot be increased without voter approval.

Those persons owning property within the area proposed for inclusion who wish to be excluded from such area may file a request for exclusion pursuant to the provisions of Section 32-1-203(3.5), C.R.S., to be considered by the District Board of Directors.   Such request must be filed, no later than ten days prior to the hearing, with the Board of County Commissioners, Gilpin County, P.O. Box 366, 203 Eureka Street, Central City, Colorado 80427, and with the Board of Directors of the Timberline Fire Protection District, 660 Highway 46, Black Hawk, Colorado 80422.





Timberline Inclusion Election - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the purpose of this notice? Your property has been identified as being in Gilpin County taxing area 010 or 025. You have received this notice because you are not in a fire protection district, but could be included in one. Although services have been provided to the area on a courtesy basis, there is no legal obligation for any fire department or district to respond if you call 911. Unfortunately, many years ago when fire districts were formed not all properties were included. 
  2. Why Timberline Fire Protection District? Gilpin County is comprised of four (4) fire agencies: The City of Black Hawk Fire Department, the City of Central Fire Department, Coal Creek Canyon Fire Protection District and Timberline Fire Protection District. Municipal (city) Fire Departments have no legal obligation to provide coverage to areas outside of their city limits. Timberline currently has the resources, capability and staffing to cover these unserved areas. As home values have risen and catastrophic wildfires increase, inclusion into a fire district may help you maintain your insurance coverage and provide other important benefits.
  3. How much will it cost? Timberline currently carries a mill levy (tax) of 8.342 mills. The Gilpin County Assessor annually provides your property a taxing statement with the actual and assessed values. At our mill rate, each $100,000 of actual value will cost the taxpayer $66.40 per year.  For more detailed calculation, your residential assessment can be found here:
  4. What happens if this election is successful? If the inclusion election is successful, Timberline Fire will have a legal obligation to respond to fire calls in your area without charging you fees. Additionally, we currently have agreements with our neighboring districts to assist when needed without you incurring additional fees.
  5. If I'm not in a fire district, how much could a response cost? (estimated)
    Current fee schedule can be found at
Possible scenario:Out of District ResponseIn District Response
Chimney Fire$1760No cost
Garage Fire$4250No cost


2017 FEE SCHEDULE – Adopted 02/27/2017

Fire Alarm Fees

Incident of Calendar YearResidential, One and Two
Family Dwellings
Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Unit Dwellings of more than 16 sleeping units
1stNo chargeNo charge
2ndNo chargeNo charge
6th and greaterProgressive increase at $50 increments for each additional false alarmProgressive increase at $100 increments for each additional false alarm


False Alarm Fees Out of District

Incident of Calendar YearResidential, One and Two
Family Dwellings
Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Unit Dwellings of more than 16 sleeping units
2nd and greaterProgressive increase at $50 increments for each additional false alarmProgressive increase at $100 increments for each additional false alarm


In District Fire Response – No Charge


Out of District Fire Response (2 hour minimum charge)

Equipment Response Costs 
Fire Engine (Type 1)/Water Tender$130/hr 
Fire Engine (Type 3)$110/hr 
Brush Truck (Type 6)$75/hr 
Command Vehicle$50/hr 
Air-Light Trailer$75/hr 
ATV (per unit)$25/hr 
Staff Costs  
Firefighter/Driver Operator$25/hr 
Fire Officer$30/hr 
Chief Officer$35/hr 


Vehicle Accidents/Technical Rescue/HazMat for incidents involving Non-District Entities, Property or People (2hr minimum charge)

Equipment Response Costs 
Fire Engine (Type 1)/Water Tender$130/hr 
Fire Engine (Type 3)$110/hr 
Brush Truck (Type 6)$75/hr 
Command Vehicle$50/hr 
Air-Light Trailer$75/hr 
ATV (per unit)$25/hr 
Staff Costs  
Firefighter/Driver Operator$25/hr 
Fire Officer$30/hr 
Chief Officer$35/hr 


District Inclusion Fees



Plan Reviews

Reviews are provided by Black Hawk Fire via contract Fees are on an individual basis dependent on scope of project​

Chief Ondr.jpgThe Timberline Fire Protection District announces the appointment of Mr. Paul Ondr as Fire Chief. He replaces Glenn Levy, who has retired.

Chief Ondr has been a career fire fighter, Engineer and Paramedic at West Metro Fire Protection District for the past 18 years.  He was a volunteer with Fairmount Fire Protection District for 15 Years where he served as an Engineer, Lieutenant, and Captain. Chief Ondr has served Timberline Fire as a volunteer for the past 5 years as an Assistant Chief.  He has also served on the Board of directors for Timberline Fire for the past 5 years.  Timberline welcomes Chief Ondr as he starts his watch.  

Chief Ondr began his duties on December 13, 2016. He can be reached at or at the Station 3 Headquarters, 303-582-5768.

The Timberline Fire Protection District provides all Hazard Protection to both Gilpin and Boulder Counties in beautiful Colorado. The district is 30 miles west of the Denver/Boulder metropolitan area spanning the Peak to Peak Scenic Highway between the cities of Black Hawk and Nederland providing services for over 173 square miles between at over 9000ft above sea level.



Timberline on the Black Hawk Ridge Fire in Golden Gate Canyon: September 19, 2015


Board of Directors

Timberline Fire Protection District is a Colorado Special District. It is governed by an elected Board of Directors. 

 Our board consists of 5 positions who are elected to serve a 4 year term. ​


Public Meeting and Directors Regular Meeting:

The Regular BOD meeting schedule for July 20, 2017 has been postponed. All agenda items will move to the August 15, 2017 meeting. Questions? Please contact the office: 303-582-5768 or email:


Both counties currently have fire restrictions in place. Please see the web links below for current information:

Please follow our Facebook page:​

Emergency updates during major events are coordinated through the following agencies:

Gilpin County Sherrifs Office:

Boulder County Emergency Updates :

Boulder Flood Information
Boulder Public Flood Presentation